A queer nerd







Name: Lorelei


  • not (quite) as obsessed with platypodes as I make it seem
  • panromantic
  • asexual
  • very short
  • she/her
  • constantly making references
  • easily overwhelmed by this site (among manymanymanymany other things)
  • mom-friend (not that you could tell from this)
  • bought a stuffed platypus that is the perfect shape for hugging and it is frickin amazing
  • tries to be clean for the kids
  • may on occasion fail at the above (I’ll but a warning in the excerpt area)
  • neat (not as in clean, not at all)
  • loves Gravity Falls, Night Vale, Homestuck, cartoons, etc.
  • thinks the term datemate is the cutest shit
  • I have siblings! Bro, Lizzy, Blue (who doesn’t have a blog)
  • ran out of things to say