The Contents of My Pockets


Aloha humans! I think I finally un-jammed the p key! Anyway, I mentioned stim stuff in my previous post (sweet freedom, I don’t have to slap my keyboard every two minutes [I’m a slow typist, alright]), and I thought it might be fun to explain the contents of my pockets on a normal day.

Here we go:

  • Hoodie:
    • Freddy Fazbear Toy (with a rotating head) (aka: bodygaurd)
    • a ceramic tile from my grandparent’s old bathroom getting remodeled
      • irreplaceable item I’d recently lost that Lizzie found
    • Ring from a little bottle of Cranberry juice
      • Other lost item, currently un-replaced
      • makes for a good silent stim toy
    • yolk from an egg-themed stress ball that Blue accidentally popped
      • the yolk is solid and makes a good stress ball on its own
      • the original was filled with water and the yolk floated in it
    • a NES Controller themed fidget cube
      • two joysticks, three switches, arrow buttons, letter buttons, pen click button (but quiet), secret button on the back, track ball, rolly wheel (all can be pressed except the switches and the wheel)
    • Earbuds sometimes
  • Coat:
    • A deck of cards
    • a pair of gloves
  • Pants:
    • Spare change (when I have it)
    • hairbands

So yeah, that’s what’s in my pockets. If even one thing is missing from it’s appropriate pocket it can throw me off all day (except the earbuds, for whatever reason). You can probably see why the juice ring being missing bothers me and why the tile being missing frickin sucked.

Anyway, yeah (the y key is doing it now! ugh! yyyyyyyyyyyy Okay, I think I fixed it).

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



Storytime: Don’t Write Papers When You’re Sick, Kids!

Aloha humans!

A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, asked me to help them edit a paper for their comp. class. Woo boy.

I read this paper and already their introduction has no clear thesis, at all. The whole paper is just a mess of talking in circles and not clear topic. Now, they get a pass, because they were sick at the time and didn’t do any pre-writing. This person is a good friend of mine, very smart, and, usually, a very good writer. But this, this was the worst work I’ve ever seen out of them.

I needed support.

I brought Lyn into the Skype call with the writer. Now we’re getting somewhere.

At the time of writing, we are working with an outline from my freshman year of high school and organizing their points. This will be an awesome paper when the three of us (the original writer now more healthy) get done with it.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Homestuck Shower Thought

Aloha humans!

Last night I was in the shower and thinking about Homestuck, for some reason, when this thought popped into my brain.

Matesprit = datemate
Kismesis = hatemate
Moirail = best mates
Auspisitice = “chill, mates”

So, yeah. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Graphic Novel Recommendation

Aloha humans!

I have a deep love for graphic novels. Anything from comic books to manga, I’m there. I’ve never had the dough to go full-ham superhero comics and junk, but I read every book in the graphic novel section at my high school library.

So… Lumberjanes. Holy crap.

Basically, it’s a story that takes place at a summer camp. Except this place is seriously weird. I’m gonna avoid spoiler territory, but trust me, it’s weird.

Our protagonists are:

  • Jo, a tall girl with two dads and a big brain
  • April, Jo’s best friend, looks small and girly but could kill a man. Downright super strength
  • Molly, tall blonde girl with self-esteem issues, mad bow and anagram skills, and doesn’t wanna go home, definitely gay
  • Mal, looks tough but is scared of everything, has awesome plans, not a coward, definitely gay
  • Ripley, tiny ball of energy and enthusiasm, really close with Jen
  • Jen, the camp counselor in charge of the above, safety conscious, big brain, often ignored
  • Rosie, in charge of the camp, can’t seem to get Jen’s name right, if she isn’t based on Rosie the Riveter, colour me shocked
  • The Bear Woman, the name says it all

So, how would I best summarize the plot, spoiler-free with bullet points? Well:

  • Crazy stuff happens
  • Girls use brains, brawn, and friendship to conquer obstacles (but in a not-stupid way)
  • Warning! Will cause feels!

Honestly, I don’t know how else to describe this without spoiling anything. Just read it and see what I mean.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Challenge: Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Aloha humans.

Okay, so this is a long shot, like, a reeeeaaally long shot, but who here is up for a challenge?

I feel like we need some Halloween stuff, what with it being just around the corner (and my favourite holiday). So, how about a pumpkin contest?

The rules are simple:

  1. I’ll get Lizzie and Lyn to co-judge with me
  2. You humans send in pictures of pumpkins you decorated with some proof of the date, like a phone lock screen or newspaper
    • make sure to include an email so we can let you know if you won.
  3. You may decorate the pumpkin in any way you want, carving, painting, whatever, but you may not use more than two pumpkins
  4. The judges rate the pumpkins on a scale of one to five (maybe ten if there are a lot of entries)
  5. Whoever gets the highest score when the judges ratings are added up wins!
  6. The winner gets their pumpkin featured in it’s own post and one free (SFW) art commission from me.
    • Keep in mind this won’t be digital art, so it’ll be scanned with the same scanner I use for Audience Participation
  7. Deadline is October 31st. May the best pumpkin win.

Okay, so if anyone is actually interested, send your pumpkin photos to (not sure how I managed to get that e-mail, thought for sure it’d be taken). If I don’t receive any entries before October 31st, I’ll post to let you know. If I receive only one, the person will still get the prize.

Good luck and thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!