An Idea

Aloha humans! I feel like schools could use a club like this:

A place where the name of a club member is drawn out of a hat at ever meeting. Whoever gets their name drawn can talk to the group (or just to someone there they trust if they’re not comfortable talking to a bunch of people) about whatever they want for half an hour. No restrictions except time, could be positive or negative, free captive audience.

There would be two hats. One for people yet to speak and one for people who have spoken. If you aren’t there when you’re name gets drawn, it gets put back in the first hat, unless you miss more meetings than you attend by a significant margin, then you lose your chance that cycle. That way, people are more likely to actually listen to others when it’s not their turn. When the first hat is empty, the hats switch purpose.

If a topic is too heavy for you, you can choose to leave. If too many people leave, the person speaking might get discouraged, so it’s kind of a last resort thing.

A person can pick an topic the wanna talk about without being judged, even if it’s one that’s uncomfortable or “childish” or whatever. There aren’t language restrictions (you can cuss all you want or give a whole speech in Spanish if you prefer).

After the half hour of speaking, there’s fifteen minutes of free time to just chat or eat snacks or whatever. A good chance for someone to share a specific thing they wanted to if they didn’t get to talk that day.

So, yeah. That would be cool.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



Where Have You (Read: I) Been?

Aloha humans! Just got off hiatus and already missing three days. What’s up with that?


  • Friday: Came home, fell asleep, no preamble, no context, just drained of a energy and fell asleep.
  • Saturday: Built a hoverboard, and not the gyrobike thing, a board that hovers
  • Sunday: Didn’t even turn on m computer, slept in, went out, had a day but no computer
  • Today: Class, doctor’s appointment, taking my sibs for a haircut (that’s why this post is so late)

So, yeah, that’s basically what I’ve been up to. You humans haven’t missed much.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


An Essay, Submitted for Your Approval

Aloha humans! I had to write a theme analysis essay for English and I’ve gotta say, it’s not that good. I completed the assignment and whatever, but it’s not my best work. On that note, here it is:

The Value of Chrysanthemums

     John Steinbeck wrote the short story, “The Chrysanthemums” to teach the reader not to place the value of one’s accomplishments in the hands of another, especially a stranger. The story follows Elisa Allen, a housewife with a flower garden and a particular pride for her chrysanthemums. While she’s gardening before a date with her husband, a man shows up asking to repair some pots and pans for her. She turns him down, but when he appeals to her pride in her flowers, she takes him up on the offer. She later feels crushed when she spots the thrown out chrysanthemums on the side of the road.

     Elisa is shown to be exceptionally proud of her flowers at the beginning of the story. In one conversation with her husband, when it is noted, “‘They’ll be strong coming in this year.’” “In her tone and on her face there was a little smugness” (2). It’s clear she puts a lot of time, effort, and value in her chrysanthemums. When other people do the same, she responds positively, as the repair man discovers.

When the man first arrives, Elisa wants nothing to do with his repairing services. However, the man is clearly practiced in using flattery to gain customers, as he shows when he “changed his tone quickly”(5) to match Elisa’s feelings for the scent of the flowers. He’s a forcibly agreeable person in those moments, with the feel of a man who the reader can tell is conning Elisa. Mrs. Allen, however, is blinded by her pride in her chrysanthemums and falls for the trick, hook, line, and sinker.

The man, having obtained the payment for repairing the pots, no longer has any need for the chrysanthemum shoots the poor woman gave him. It is foreshadowed when he says, “Sand? Oh, sure. You mean the chrysanthemums” (8). Although unclear to Elisa, it can be seen by the astute reader that the man completely forgot about the flowers and has no intention of keeping them.

Elisa, none the wiser, is spurred on by lingering pride. She dresses especially nicely for her date with her husband, puts on a slightly aloof air, and builds intense feelings of strength and self-confidence on the pride the repair man stoked. “‘I’m strong,’ she boasted. ‘I never knew before how strong.’” (9)

Then it all comes crashing down. She sees the discarded shoots and the foundation she built her confidence on crumbles away. She placed too much stock in this man’s, this stranger’s, opinion of flowers of which she was already proud. She let his careless playing with her emotions strip the value from the accomplishment of growing and tending her garden. “She turned her coat collar up so he could not see that she was crying weakly–like an old woman.”(11)

Elisa’s plight teaches us, as Steinbeck intended, not to put so much stock in people’s opinions of your accomplishments. An achievement still has value even if no one else sees the value in it.


So, yeah. Feel free to give feedback, I could really use it. It’s due tomorrow, so it probably won’t do any good for this essay, but it’ll be good for future reference!

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Liz Reacts

Aloha humans! Like that sneaky Fine Bros reference? I was way ore proud of that than I should be. Anywhoozers!

I made my sister watch Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie with me, and it looks like she really liked it. I’m gonna see if I can get her over here to talk about it.

So I really like this. It’s soft and cozy and I really appreciate my dad for getting it for me. I think I’ll put- DO NOT WRITE ABOUT THE PILLOW! Jerk. Oh, you wanted me to review the movie? Uh, doi!

Oh. Well, it was pretty cool. I wasn’t as big of a fan of the series as you were (and still am, I must admit) when we were kids. I thought it was pretty funny. I felt really bad for Mr. Krupp at times, surprisingly, and I thought the little romance between him and Edith was adorable. Plus, seeing the affectionate and amazing friendship between Harold and George was incredible. I wish the media showed more close friendships with boys that way.

I also want to read the series now, both because of this movie and because of good things I’ve heard about it. So, that’s about all I’ve got.

You totally should! Well, that’s all she wrote, so I guess this is the end of the post. I’ll see about making this a series if response is good (mwahaha), so let me know!

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


A Bad Joke

Aloha humans! I was out for a walk earlier today when this “joke” popped into my head, fully formed (like Athena) (have I made that joke before; I think I have) in all it’s not-funny glory.

A man works at a Chinese restaurant washing dishes. One day, he is startled by a noise and drops the round pan he is cleaning onto his foot, breaking his toe. He has to get a cast, but he’s not hurt too seriously.

The next day, he goes out to dinner with a few friends. One friend says, “I gotta ask, what happened to your foot?”

The man replies, “It was a wok related incident.”

*b-dum tss*

Tada! A terrible joke courtesy of yours truly. If you have any bad jokes, please share in the comments.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Storytime: Friends You Haven’t Met

Aloha humans! Ever heard the phrase “strangers are just friends you haven’t met?” I want to make it obvious where the title came from.


Today, for Valentine’s, Mimi, Lizzie, Blue, and I all went to IHOP for dinner. As we are being seated, I see a girl sitting at a booth and, for whatever reason, I take a note of her. Lizzie would claim it was my psychic powers acting up if I told her. Anyway, we’re seated, we order, now we’re waiting.

As we are waiting, Mambo No. 5 starts playing over the speakers. I turn to Lizzie and say, “Monika.”

She giggles and we start saying Monika in time with the names and Mimi gets kinda irritated. We start to explain the meme, when, from over in the direction of the booth with the girl, we hear, “I know exactly what you’re talking about!”

I turn and say, “Thank you!”

There were now two girls in the booth, and it was the new one that had spoken up. Tehy return to eating and my family returns to talking.

A little time passed.

Mimi asks about a recording Lizzie and I did that we ended up losing. I start explaining the process of recording and editing, and what exactly happened to the hour of footage we lost, when I suddenly:

What’s your YouTube?”

The girl I’d noticed when we walked in was standing at the end of our booth holding out her phone. I take it and type in my username.

“Cool. I heard you talking and I was like ‘Oh, a YouTuber!’ so I wanted to subscribe.”

I was so frickin’ zazzed. I sat bouncing in my seat for a while before the food came and I pulled myself together.

And that’s how I gained to (possible) subscribers today.

Some cool things about this:

  1. Bonding with random strangers over memes and YouTube
  2. Someone I don’t know well taking an interest in my YouTube channel
  3. Me getting a feeling that one of those girls was gonna pipe up during the parts of the conversation before they did. I’m not even kidding, I could kinda feel them listening to the conversation. Like when someone is staring at you and you can feel it? But a bit nicer.

Anyway, that’s all I got. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!




Aloha humans! Let’s have a ramble y post talking about music!

First off, I love music. My family is very musical (and artistic in all kinds of ways). My brother is a composer (he’s got a blog, but I don’t think he posts on it much anymore). Sometimes, however, it can be really annoying. I hate when my Culinary class listens to the same country Pandora station everyday for weeks. They do it often, and it’s always the same 20 or so songs, with only 1 good one in the batch. How are they not sick of this yet? Also annoying, a song you hate getting stuck in your head. I don’t even know the words, why are you here? So frustrating!!!

Some songs flow together really well. Like, my brain will just combine songs that are really similar sometimes. For example:

After all the stops and starts
We keep comin’ back to these two hearts
Two angels who’ve been rescued from the fall
After all that we’ve been through
It all comes down to me and you
I guess it’s meant to be, forever you and me, after all”

Now the miles stretch out behind me loves that I have lost
Broken hearts lie victims of the game
Then good luck it finally stuck like lightning from the blue
Every highway leading me back to you”
Oh, almost paradise
We’re knocking on heaven’s door
Almost paradise
How could we ask for more?
I swear that I can see forever in your eyes

These parts of these three songs (links are the first letter of each bit) fit together so well! Seriously, this little medley popped into my head fully formed one day (like Athena) and gets stuck in my head every now and then; that’s how well they fit together. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that these songs are all the same genre and have a similar format, but still.

Trying to sing well is bittersweet with me. I want to sound good, but I have a lot of memories, good and bad, associated with the process of trying to learn to sing. I’ve pretty much given up on being a self-taught good singer. Bro teaching me is out of the question; I just cannot have a functioning student-teacher dynamic with him. We either end up goofing off or arguing every time he tries to teach me something. Bro can really sing, but (sorry, Bro) he can’t really teach. Or, at least, he can’t teach me. I won’t lie, I’m a terrible student. If it isn’t a simple “take notes, do homework” setting, I don’t retain the information well. Music doesn’t really work that way (at least, not when Bro teaches it).

That’s enough for now. I have more to say about music, but I feel like I should save some ideas for the future.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!