Art Contest

Aloha humans! I’m gonna keep this first one brief, cuz the next one is more important to me.

I entered an art contest. The best drawings/paintings get auctioned. My piece is called Clockwork and shows a couple dancing. The idea is that it’s actually a music box.

It’s a pure grey-scale sketch, not coloured, not inked.

Not my best work.

It’s good, and maybe even good enough to make it to sale, but my portraits of no one (that should be a song/album title) are better. I have one I drew based on the song Drops of Jupiter that I should submit, but I’ve already framed and prepared Clockwork, so that’s what I’m going with. Maybe later I’ll post pictures of Clockwork. If it does get sold, I’ll post the rough draft instead. It’s better, but on notebook paper.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



Just a Collection of Things

Aloha humans! Everyone in this house is sick except me and Mimi. I’m at my mother’s, btw. Since I decided to stay home to play doctor for these nerds, I don’t have any interesting stories long enough for an individual post. That’s where this comes in.

It’s kinda like those random thoughts collections from before, except that there may be some actual stories in here. Or not. It’s basically the exact same thing.

First of all, the blog just got 25 followers! Wtf! I can’t imagine 25 people actually consistently being interested in this, but there you are. You humans are absolutely amazing! With how varied and crazy the theme is here, I’m glad that there are so many of you who have an actual interest in the blog itself, rather than just the one story that led you to it. Thank you!!!!

Um… Slime Rancher episode two is out on my YouTube for those who are interested. I actually gave it a title this time. I used a funny moment from the episode as the title. Those rock-pink slimes just will not stop attacking me!

Still have mad gigantic feelings. Definitely not a bad thing, but it takes some getting used to. I’m not sure if it’s permanent, or if maybe it’s a side effect of all the stuff I’m doing. I’ve been kinda following my dreams this past week, what with YouTube, and finding a book on anatomy for artists, and finally getting serious about art projects I’d been considering. With tennis season coming up, I guess I do have a lot of reasons to be feeling good, but I must say, the positivity about my appearance is very new. I never thought of myself as ugly, but I’ve never felt so consistently confident in my looks. I’m almost worried about seeming conceited, but I’m giving myself a pass for now.

I’ve limited my Batman watching time to the weekend. Maybe I’ve already said this, I dunno. Even though I’m home today, I’m keeping that vow. It’s painful, but I’m doing it!

Fell back into the wonderful pit of BMC. I hear it’s running again with a new cast, although I’m not sure if it’s still going or if it ended. The new Jeremy is ginger which is unexpected but good. I’ll probably never change the way I see or draw them to match any new cast. Not that I don’t think any other actors will do as well, but because I already got used to drawing them after the original cast. To be fair, I did imagine what they looked like before I saw what the cast looked like and it matched up pretty well, so that certainly helped.

Got some sweet Dan and Phil merch for Christmas. It wasn’t in the holiday haul post cuz it arrived late. The idea is for my sister and I to wear it to Interactive Introverts. We got Japan hats, Pixel People shirts, and Official Phandom Member wristbands. We also plan to draw cat whiskers on our faces with liquid eyeliner. It’ll be a fun time. I’m so stoked to see them, even though I won’t get to actually meet them.

Got a rough draft of a sketch for that project I’ve mentioned before. Have a look:


Still really rough and I’ve added some notes since scanning, but this is this is the basic plan. I think I’ll either make the elbow point outwards or have him fiddling with his tie or something. The face is gonna look completely different, that one is just a placeholder (that’s supposed to be a young Shiro, btw. VLD Soulmate au). I can’t post the finished products until after the Supernova posting day, but I figure since this is just a draft and the end product won’t look anything like it, I could get some advice from you humans.

Been listening to some lofi hip-hop today. It’s been a while but Lyn sent me a link to a good video ages ago and I decided to give it a listen. It’s really good. I’ll leave a link to it here for those who need something to listen to that doesn’t require too much attention.

I’ve been doing so much stuff that I don’t have time to do other stuff and sometimes I don’t do anything as a result. Like, for example, I wanna draw, read, watch Batman, and play video games all at once. Since that’s impossible, I’ll end up just scrolling through Pinterest or Tumblr. This is not a good system, but I’m very bad about dedicating the right amount of time to each task to ensure I have time to do everything and enjoy each thing I do. I’m sure I’m not the only person this affects. If anyone has advice, hmu in the comments (haha, I’m such a nerd).

Lizzie has spent the past hour slowly nibbling on one piece of dry toast. She isn’t even halfway done yet. She’s taking the whole, “eat it slowly” thing a bit too far.

I’m thinking about playing some Skyrim later. Only putting this here so I remember, not because it’s particularly interesting. Maybe, if I do, something funny will happen and I can post a Tales from Syke-rim story. People I know in person occasionally ask why I call it that. Here’s the big secret. When I was typing the title, I misspelled Skyrim as Sykrim. I found that really funny, but I wanted to make it obvious that it wasn’t just a typo, so I played it up. Thus, the name was born. If you have no idea what I’m talking about here and here are my previous Skyrim posts. I’m gonna get notifications about those hyperlinks.

Lyn sent me a type-written letter and it was great.

The platypus plush had a hole in it I had to patch up, but he is good now. If he could talk, I’m sure he’d say hi. For those who don’t know, he is the namesake for the whole blog and is hug-shaped.

Lyn had a stuffed cow that’s spherical. It’s name is Oggy. I decided that Oggy is shaped like a friend (cuz he’s a sphere cow) and all our friends went with it. It became a bit of an inside joke with us.

Here’s an update on my friends. Since I hardly see them, I try to keep track of how they are:

  • Lyn moved, as you know. They’re okay, if a bit stressed.
  • Charles dropped out and, last I heard, has a boyfriend.
  • Tess is p good but refuses to acknowledge her obvious hotness
  • I haven’t seen Col in a long time, but they were doing well last I saw them
  • Lewdia has been AWOL for a long time and might be reading this. If so, hi! How’re you?
  • Scooter got caught in some stupid drama, but it’s slowly blowing over

I think that about covers it since we already covered how my family and I are. Oh! Bro and his girlfriend have a cat named Tux who is adorable and hid in my wardrobe when they came to visit. Very cute!

Lizzie has a webcomic now! It’s v cool. It’s called Resting Blank Face and she won’t update it! It’s killing me. She’s always talking about how she can’t draw, but these stick figures are very expressive. I can’t write, so we’re considering doing a collab comic once the Supernova is over. She’s writing it and I’m gonna draw it (obviously)! It’ll be good. Probably.

I think that covers everything. Long post, and not every exciting, but maybe you humans liked it. After all, 25 of you actually followed the blog and I still can’t get over that.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



Aloha humans! Today I had some free time, so I decided to honour the release of the new series (can you tell I’m a bit obsessed) with a drawing of my favourite character from the old show. Which really doesn’t make any sense cuz he had literally the same personality as his brothers in the old show. I’m glad he got some development in these first episodes. Here’s hoping the others do too!


The scanner I used really doesn’t do it justice, but I colored it in gel pen and scanned it with the Tiny Scanner app I use for Audience Participation. (Also, I colored him with a silver pen since it was the lightest grey I had and I wanted some contrast between him and the paper (and his eyes). Enjoy it!


Things I Like

I’ve already done 2 posts on my fears, so let’s see what I like!

  • Video Games: When I was younger I actually didn’t have video games. Not cuz I’m old, I’m not old, but because my parents just didn’t buy them. Then they bought us all Gameboy Advances and we just all got the newest Nintendo handheld for our birthday the year after they came out. Since my birthday is the latest in the year I always got it last. Actually, I’m the only one in my family with a 3DS as of now, so I guess I got my revenge. My first ever videongame was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team for GameBoy. My first DS game (that I owned a DS for) was Imagine: Babysitter. My first 3DS game was Pokemon X
  • Pokemon: My mom absolutely hated Pokemon when we were younger. I didn’t know much about it, aside from my first video game and the books at the Elementary School. I did get a Gen 1 ultimate handbook for my birthday on year. I’ve been obsessed ever since. Recently beat Moon. It was easier than the older games, but super fun.
  • Books: Myfamily is big on reading. I never got taught to read, though. I just picked up a Dora book and read it, no problem. I love books and reading to this day, although I often find myself reading fanfiction when I run out of normal books (or when the book I was reading was totally boring). One thing I’d say doesn’t count as a fear but does make me uneasy is the thought that I may one day no longer like physical books. I hope that never happens.
  • Conspiracy Theories: Alright, go ahead and make fun of me, but I love conspiracy theories and predictions for TV and book series. I could go on and on about the meaning of life, Roswell, time travellers, and whether or not Ed, Edd and Eddy takes place in purgatory (it totally does).
  • Mysteries of any kind: I like reading and hearing about unsolved murders and heists, secrets of Gravity Falls, and anything mysterious in general. I really really like thos two-minute mystery books where the solution is written upside down so you can try to solve it yourself (too bad I can read upside down, hahaha). Mystery novels are some of my faves.
  • The supernatural: Yep, I’m the type that believes in ghosts and spirits. Both good and evil, both strong and weak. I may or may not be obsessed with ghost stories and the idea of communicating with the dead. I am also super paranoid, however, and I wouldn’t touch a Ouija Board if you payed me a million dollars. I hardcore believe in psychics and future telling. Not carnival stuff, but people who dream about future events. And Taro Cards. I believe in those. I’m also convinced that Phil Lester is a psychic and you can fight me on that one.
  • My Fandoms: I have a lot and I’ll make them their own post, but I love them.
  • Art: I like drawing, I like painting (tho I’m not good at it), I like clay, I like wire, I just like making stuff.
  • Electronics: Bro gave me a few circuitry kits that are super fun. One is the snap together kind and one is a wire kind where you can attach wires to springs to create projects. It’s super fun!
  • Numbers: Not crazy math and junk. Just number patterns. I have a book-related fixation on the number 13, I have my number patterns that I think I mentioned before?, I like how they (unlike words) always mean the same thing 2 is always 2. I just like them. I hate advanced math and how it beats them up. When I was younger, and ocassionally now, I would personify the numbers as I did my math. Advanced math always seemed kinda cruel as a result.
  • My friends: This includes my siblings. Being around them just makes me feel safe, despite my paranoia and many many many fears. I’m not a particularly vocal person unless I’m really comfortable, but my friends probably can’t tell cuz I’m always so comfortable when they’re around.
  • Cleaning: If you tell me to do it, I hate it. But if I get going because it looks messy, or just for the fun of it, I love it. The part I like least is the whole, “pick it up, find a place, put it down” part. I like dusting, vaccuuming, polishing, and the like. This stuff actually feels productive.
  • Hanging stuff on my walls: From photos to drawings to lights to movie tickets, if I can find a space and a nail or tack, odds are it’ll end up on my wall.
  • Sleep: It’s elusive, and an annoying fact of life, but once I fall asleep I don’t wanna wake up ’til at least the next afternoon.
  • Stuffed animals: Particularly my stuffed bear I’ve had since before I was born and my platypus from Scarborough Faire
  • having my hair done: Or even just messed with. I feel like a lot of people can relate to this. I feel no need to elaborate.
  • Colours: I love anything colourful. I really like my romantic pride flag (pan) cuz it’s so colourful. I like my sexuality pride flag (ace), but not as much. That one is more Lizzy’s style.
  • YouTube: One of my absolute favourite things. I love the people, the content, and most of all, the access to mysteries, conspiracies, and the supernatural. YouTube helps me get access to some of my other favourite things and some of the Youtubers have helped me through some stuff. When I was younger, even after getting video games, we didn’t have the internet. Again, because my parents wanted us to be readers and move around not sit at a computer all day (which is what I do now, haha). So, YouTube had been a thing for a bit when I finally found it. I thought of it as just a place to watch cat vids and maybe Fred. It wasn’t until my friend told me to look up minecraft that I really found YouTube. I didn’t reach the levels I’m at now until I found Chuggaaconroy and Jacksepticeye. Those two, along with Markiplier and Dan and Phil, helped me through the shittier years of school and my extreme paranoia when it first hit hard (Middle School, because all the worst things start in Middle School. If any of you humans are currently in Middle School, I promise it gets better). I plan to make YouTube my fulltime job, once I get my computer’s microphone fixed, becuase people always say to do what you love, because then you’ll never work a day in your life.
  • You Humans: This blog is small, I’ll admit that. It doesn’t have a huge following. And, I don’t mind because when people do like posts and comment and follow, I feel… I don’t even know how to describe it. I love (platonically, obvs) each and every person who read these posts, because the idea that people would take time out of their day, even time they were looking to waste, to read about me… It’s mindblowing. So, I guess you should know why I always call you “humans.” There are multiple resons. 1 is that no matter who you are and how you look, we’e all human (unless you aren’t in which case I don’t mean to exclude you) and we all deserve to be included and recognized. Race, Gender, Sex, Sexuality, none of that makes anyone unwelcome here. 2 is that I don’t wanna use pronouns. Or say things like “you guys.” I know what it’s like to be called something you aren’t, though not nearly to the extent of trans and nonbinary humans. One time my friend who didn’t know I was panromantic called my “bi curious” and I got really offended. Not because there is anything wrong with that! Just cuz that isn’t me. One time my dad was denying the existence of nonbinary people, and that hurt because that was also denying the existence of my romantic orientation, not to mention the genders of people I care about. By calling you “Humans” or “You” I am attempting to call you what you are, without trying to force you to be someone you aren’t (Therefore, if you aren’t human you should tell me so I know to switch to people. I didn’t use that from the start because it sounds almost like an attack “you people”. I ‘unno why)

That’s enough for now. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Storytime(?): Interesting Head Shapes

Aloha humans! Today I was designing myself for YouTube. That sounds weird. I plan to animate myself for YouTube and I was working on how to do it. I then decided, after doing some Phineas and Ferb doodles, that I wanted my… avatar?… let’s go with that, I wanted my avatar to have an interesting head shape.

Phineas and Ferb, the main characters don’t really have circle heads. Phineas is a triangle, Ferb is a slightly curved rectangle (like a kid’s drawing of a tree trunk), and Candace’s head is shaped like a P.

That got me thinking about how most YouTube animators use a circle or oval, but do something to make it unique. Jaiden draws her hair, Domics’ looks like him, James’ draws his like his comics, SomethingelseYT adds horns, and TimTom is short. I wanted my thing to be an interesting shape.

So, I was playing around with shapes and I noticed how few shapes there really are. It was one of those weird moments where your brain does a double take. Like, when I color for a long time, it feels like there are less and less colors. Even though there are just as many as their were before, it breaks down in my head into red and blue, and sometimes green.

That was a tangent.

Anyway, I was having trouble coming up with different designs and I finally settled on a teardrop sorta shape. It isn’t very similair to my actual appearance, but I’m fine with that.

So, that was a long post to just say, my YouTube avatar has a teardrop shaped head. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



Aloha! You guys may not know this, (not sure if I mentioned it) but I am an artist. By that, I mean I draw a lot and hope to one day make money that way (not that successful yet). Now, I may not be famous, but I’ve been drawing a while. I’m not that great, there are many better, Lyn is better, but often when people see my drawings they say things like:

  • “Will you draw me?”
  • “How are you so good at this?”
  • “I could never draw like that”
  • “Will you draw me something?”
  • “How did you learn to do that?”

So, I thought I could address some of things here.

  1. I will not draw you things unless you hire me to do so.
  2. I have been drawing since I was about 4 years old, my skill comes from experience, and taking art at school.
  3. Anyone can draw if they are willing to work at it. I wasn’t born good, and neither was anyone else. With time and effort, and maybe a good teacher, yu could draw better than I can.
  4. Don’t make the mistake I did. Don’t start out copying existing pictures off the internet. You can learn things this way, but your style will be more unique and consistent if you start out just drawing what you see in your own way.
  5. If you are really passionate about drawing and really want to be good at it, just draw. have fun! Doodle on class notes, draw people you know, draw from memory, draw from references but don’t copy the verbatim, and just remember to let yourself be creative. Art is about expressing yourself, and if your self expression looks less like this:
    and more like this:
    Uu Artwork
    that’s fine! Just practice and keep at it, and you will improve! (Credit to Homestuck for the images)

That’s all I got! Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!