Aloha humans! I’ve made a terible mistake.

I left my sketchbook at my mother’s house.

Normally this wouldn’t be so bad, or even bad at all, but now that I’ve started doing Audience Participation I really need to have my sketchbook in case I get a question (unlikely, but possible).

So, if anyone asks something on Audience Participation, the earliest I can get to it is Sunday. Sorry!



The Point of Audience Participation

Aloha humans! No one has asked, but just in case anyone was curious anyway, here is why I made Audience Participation:

  1. To work on drawing and making characters consistent (you can tell I’m still not great at that)
  2. For fun
  3. For you humans to ask me stuff and get illustrated responses (if you guys do have questions.)
  4. To see if anyone would actually ask me anything (one person did, but it’s still kinda up in the air)
  5. Cuz I wanted to make a comic, but I’m not good at writing.
  6. And to practice drawing things that aren’t humans (like the cat and dog in the most recent episode[atthetimeofwriting])

So yeah. Nobody seemed curious, but maybe if someone is in the future, BAM already done.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Lizzy’s Birthday

Lizzy’s Birthday is up next, if anyone was wondering! I just started doing some serious work on her gift. I can’t go into detail cuz she follows me, and you guys won’t exactly be able to see it, but I’ll give the details once I’ve given it to her.

I’m hoping the learning to sing thing doesn’t conflict with work on it, actually. I’m considering waiting until I’ve finished it to start working on singing. What do you humans think?