Storytime(?): The Gift

Aloha! Finaly, I can talk about the present I gave Lizzy for her birthday.

I made a one-person performance of Be More Chill, performed and edited by me. I even had costumes!

No, you can not see it. For multiple reasons. One, it’s very poor quality. I’m missing some lines and the editing could be better. Two, I only have Act 1 done right now. I’m giving her Act 2 for the winter holidays. And Three, I’d like to maintain a level of anonymity online. I’m pretty open about most stuff, but I’d rather not have my face shown.

So, there you go. All the hype seems way over-done when I see it typed out like this. But, whatever. It was fun and exhausting to create.

I edited in IMovie (never do that) and it crashed s often I got three days behind schedule and had to re-do a scene and a half. I ended up finishing it on the car ride to her party. She loved it though. The novelty made up for the low quality just as I hoped it would.

Welp, I think that sums it up! Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!




Aloha humans! One of my biggest obsessions is Be More Chill as you surely know by now. Well, this awesome Tumblr blog combines BMC and this book called Ready Player One. I really really like that blog, so of course I desperately wanted to read this book!

Then, the other day, my mom was having me look through her IBooks app to find a book she wanted me to read on an old IPhone she lent me. I didn’t find the book she was looking for, but guess what I found all the way at the bottom of the list.


So, of course I had to read it immediately! Thanks to a few other things I had to do first I haven’t made much progress yet (I’m only on Chapter 6) but what I’ve read so far has me hooked! Chapter 6 is where the kicker comes.

Now would be a good time to mention that I am a sucker for videogames, old movies, old music, and reading (this is important).

Chapter 6 is where the author begins to explore the main character (Wade Watts, aka Parzival) and his obsession with the Hunt.

Warning, Spoilers ahead!!!

So, it starts going in depth on how much 80s knoweledge Parzival has and my goodness. The kid is obsessed! Obviously, since the Hunt literally is his life. But it starts descirbing the stuff he knows. All the authors he’s read, shows he’s watched, books and songs memorized. I’m already super impressed at this point, but then he starts describing how he works through the videogames, and I’ve never been attracted to a fictional character before, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t wanna date Wade. I can’t decide if I wanna be him or marry him. Seriously.

Spoilers Over!!!

Bottom line? This book is amazing, I’d totally date Parzival, and everyone who likes videogames and/or the 80s should read this book! And check out
ask-readyplayergaymers on tumblr!!!

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



I Did A Thing

So, this morning I was thinking about BMC (when am I not, right?) and a song I like, and this happened. Enjoy!



Evelyn Evelyn BMC
Jeremy (J)
Michael (M)
Squip (S)

(First chorus, Childhood (maybe after being bullied or a fight)
J: Evelyn
M: Evelyn
J: Why do we bother to stay?
M: Why are you running away
J: Don’t you feel like severing?
M: Everything’s just come together at last
J: It’s broken I don’t want to play
(First verse, Childhood, reminiscing)
J M: We grew up closer than most
J: Closer than anything
M: Closer than anything
J: Shared our bed
M: And wore the same clothes
J: Talked about everything
M: Spoke about so many things
(First Bridge(?), Childhood, talking and making plans. Innocent and happy)
J: What shall we were tonight?
J M: What shall we eat today?
M: Can we go Ice Skating?
J: But we just did that yesterday
M: Should we be firemen?
J M: Can we be astronauts?
(Hide and seek with the other kids? Hiding from bullies?)
M: What if they find us?
J: They’re not looking anyway
(second chorus, middle school)
M: Evelyn
J: Evelyn
M: Why do we bother to stay?
J: Why are you running away?
M: Don’t you feel like severing?
J: Everything’s just come together at last
M: It’s broken I don’t want to play.
(Second verse, Middle School, Jeremy’s Birthday. Only Michael showed up)
J M: Fill my glass, let’s drink a toast
J: This is our birthday
M (concerned): So why are we weeping?
J: At your side
M: I feel like a ghost
J: I wake up first
M: and I stare at you sleeping
(Second Bridge(?), Freshmen and sophomore, Michael has (with the last line above) discovered he has a crush on Jeremy)
J (trying to be cool now, rather than match): What shall we wear tonight?
J M: What shall we eat today?
J: Do you think I should marry him?
M (jealous): But we just met him yesterday
J: Should we be movie stars?
J M: Will we be millionaires?
J: I want to be famous
M (nervous): They’re watching us anyway (note: cuz they’re bully bait)
(Third chorus, Junoirs, Squip isn’t here yet, right before J gets it)
J: Evelyn
M: Evelyn
J: Why do we bother to stay?
M: Why are you running away?
J: Don’t you feel like severing?
M (lovestruck): Everything’s just come together at last
J: It’s broken I don’t want to play.
(Jeremy has a squip now, S only ever speaks to J)
J M: We grew up so very close
S (about michael): A parasite needs a host
S: I’m only trying to do what is best for us
J to S: Well I never asked for this, I never wanted this, All that I want is some time to myself!
J to M: Looking in your eyes I’m coming home
M to J: Just get away from me, please just stop touching me, you’re always trying to be somebody else!
J to M: Now I realize I’m not alone
S: Well you’re only scared of me
J to S, and M to J (meta, haha): But you never cared for me!
J to S: Why don’t you let me free?
S: Cuz you’d never dare to be
S J: Cuz you never listen you’re always insisting
J: I’m just reminiscing. S: Just stop reminiscing
J M: I feel something missing
J to S: I just want my privacy. M to J: I just want you here with me
J to S: God, won’t you leave me alone. J to M, M to J: God, can’t we just get along!
During the end, no one is singing, the evelyns play in the background.
Michael forgives Jeremy and attempts to give him the Mountain Dew Red, The Squip tries to stop him but with Jeremy fighting back, all it can manage to do is hold his arms in place. Michael opens the bottle and pours some in Jeremy’s mouth. Jeremy manages to swallow it and the Squip fizzles out and disappears. Michael and Jeremy hug it out. Song ends.

I actually have plans to animate this in the future, which is why I wrote it down. I figured I’d get the opinions of you humans before that though!

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



I Drew a Thing

Here it is:

michael makes an entrance

not a great photo. Also, that is supposed to be Michael Mell. You can see how it differs, but I’m pretty proud of it.

If anyone has drawing tips, feel free to share them. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


p.s. that text all around it are notes on how I could improve it if I were to re-draw it, it says:

  • be more Michael Mell and less John Egbert
  • try shading? Can’t be white
  • chin too point
  • why did I make him a twig?
  • grr
  • I can’t fix that without starting over
  • bad headphones!

those aren’t very helpful notes, now that I type it out like that.

Lazy Day

Aloha humans! How’s your day been? No, seriously, comment how your day has been, I’d love to know. As for me I’ve had a lazy day.

Having literally nothing I have to do today (except take the trash out) I didn’t wake up ’til 11:30ish. When that happens, it generally means I’m not gonna do anything productive. I spent the day listening to the Be More Chill playlist on a loop, browsing the web, and drawing.

I hardly left my bed at all today. I know there was productive stuff I could do, but nothing I had to do, so I did nothing. Oh, except this post! But posting here is too fun to be considered work  🙂  .

Also, I ship Michael and Jeremy!

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Recommendation: Musical

Do you like musical theatre? (proper spelling lol). Are you over 13 and had the talk? Then be More Chill may be a musical you’d like.

Okay, warnings. There are mentions of porn, masturbation, and sex. Also, Act 2 Scene 2 is sketchy, but there is no actual sex. So, there you go. Oh, also mentions of drugs and suicide (no one actually commits suicide). So there… Now the good parts!

The basic plot is loser Jeremy Heere wants to be cool. or chill whatever. One of his bullies (Rich) tells him the secret to being cool is to get a thing called a Squip (It’s better than drugs, IT’S FROM JAPAN!!!!!)And it is simultaneously dramatic and hilarious.

Let’s introduce the characters:

  • Jeremy Heere, dorky kid who wants to be cool
  • Michael Mell, Jeremy’s best friend who you will love the most of any character. garunteed. He also has an awesome song (Michael in the Bathroom) that I love.
  • Christine Caligula, Jeremy’s crush who is a drama student and has a touch of ADD
  • Jake, cool guy who dates Christine for a bit
  • Rich, the only other kid in the school with a Squip who tells Jeremy how to get one
  • Jenna, school gossip
  • Brooke, second most popular girl (actually really important)
  • Chloe, most popular girl (act 2 scene 2)
  • the Squip, looks like Keanu Reeves programmed to make Jeremy cool. No Matter What
  • Jeremy’s dad, seemingly inconsequential, never wears pants. (you should definitely read the script as you listen)
  • Mr. Reyes, drama teacher
  • Creepy Seller, the dude who sells the Squips out of a shoe store

You’ll love Michael and hate the Squip, no matter how you feel when they are first introduced, this is how it always goes.

The script has a few differences from the original cast recording, but it’s neglible and you really need the script to get some of the best jokes and to at all understand jeremy’s dad.

Please go check it out and let me know what you think! ’til then thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!