Book Recommendation

Aloha humans! I’ve found myself returning to this one book on multiple occasions, so maybe you’d like it to.

It’s called Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede. Here’re some characters

  • Cimorene, the princess who wants nothing to do with her kingdom
  • Kazul, a VID (Very Important Dragon)
  • Woraug, a touchy dragon
  • Roxim, allergic to wizards
  • Morwen, a helpful witch
  • Therandil, an annoying prince
  • Zemenar, a wizard

So, yeah. You can look forward to an interesting, but quick read, and a very sympatheic protagonist. You should check it out! Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!




Storytime(?): Found Something!

Aloha humans! Okay, a little backstory: When I was younger I had this pocket reference book on gemstones. I was obsessed with it! I read it cover to cover on multiple occasions and I knew so many trivial facts about gemstones going into 2nd grade, you would not believe it.

And, after having moved multiple times, having packed and unpacked and thrown out so much stuff, I found it! I frickin found it!

Obviously, I’m re-reading it. It’s even more interesting now that I know more about math and science an stuff. I have an actual understanding of the content instead of clinging to the simplest facts. It’s cool.

That book was also, like, one of the first non-fiction books I had ever read, so finding it again is a huge nostalgia trip.

Image result for pocket gemstones reference

This is the book btw. I have no clue why I loved it so much, but re-reading it is just so great. Especially since now I’ve seen Steven Universe, so the facts about relevent gems in the show are even more interesting. Although, thanks to this book, I’ve been personifying gemstones since a long time before Steven Universe came out.

That’s all, I just thought you humans might find that cool. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!