I’m bored. I’m also running out of ideas. Someone help.




I just spent literal hours drawing a dragon. I drew every little scale, it was tedious as heck. I couldn’t get a good photo of it, but I still posted it on my Tapas series.

This is the mark of someone with no life and way to much time on their hands, a life I am extremely dedicated to.



Something to Do if YOU are Bored

My last post exists due to me being bored, so allow me to recommend some solutions to boredom.

Play a videogame. Doesn’t help if you don’t like videogames, but does work if you’re bad at them.

Avoid the fridge. Bordem makes you wanna eat when you aren’t hungry. Be warned.

Watch a vine compilation or try not to laugh challenge. This one rules.

Read a book. I recommend something fantasy or action-y. Don’t try to do required reading when you are already bored. It doesn’t work. You’ll find yourself reading the same sentence over and over again reading the same sentence over and over again┬áreading the same sentence over and over again┬áreading the same sentence over and over again .

Browse the internet. Web-comics are a great way to kill time and relieve boredom. Cucumber Quest, Swan, and Kiwi Blitz are my favourites (warning, Kiwi Blitz has a quality boost a little way in, so if it suddenly looks a lot different,that’s why. The creator has gone back and redrawn a lot, and maybe by the time you read it it’ll be completely redone.). Also, if you have a lot of time on your hands, try this one.

Take up a new hobby. I recommend knitting, cuz you can read and knit at the same time.

That’s all I got. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!