Day Summary

Aloha humans! I couldn’t think of a topic for this post, so I’m doing a summary of my day.

Had to use a different alarm than normal. It’s not quite as good.

First day back in class, already a mountain of homework.

Lotsa doodles today. Did a really cute one of Robin in the 1966 outfit.

Found raspberry jelly in the fridge. SCORE!

One of my classes doesn’t start for a while, so I have a free hour randomly in the middle of my morning.

I have a bunch of stuff I want to do, but I either can’t (YouTube) or can’t work up the energy for (exercise).

BMC trash once more.

Limiting myself to Batman watching on the weekends only. Otherwise it’ll distract me from my homework too much.

To summarize, literally nothing of any note happened today. But here I am, noting it anyway.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



Storytime: Art Museum

Aloha humans! So, recently for my birthday my mother, sister, and I went to a nearby art museum.

Not a lot of interesting stuff happened but here’s the highlights:

  • Bought stuff at the gift shop
    • a sketching set containing: wood-less graphite pencils, a sketchpad, a metal pencil sharpener, and an eraser
    • a box of metallic colored pencils named after planets (with plastic pencil sharpener)
    • a wood colored pencil set (with wooden pencil sharpener)
    • a collapsible meter stick
    • and a sketchpad
  • Not for the first time, mistaken for being way younger than I actually am, like, little kid levels (the lady thought I was, like, 11. curse/bless my baby-face)
  • asked if I was at all interested in fashion
    • ┬áMy mom was willing to take us on a shopping trip instead up until a few hours before we left, but I insisted on the museum, so no
  • left the museum an hour before closing to go to the other art museum next door which closes at the same time

Yeah, nothing too exciting, but I owe you guys a post and I am determined to deliver!

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Good Day

Today is a good day. I found a DS charger after failing to do so yesterday, I finished something, Liz made a terrible pun, and I took the fastest shower I’ve ever taken.

I hope allof you are having a good day too!

The only downside is that I have literally nothing interesting to write about.


Nothing Interesting

Aloha humans! I guess I should give a rundown of my life lately, seeing as no one stand-out thing has happened.

We went to dinner for Bro’s birthday yesterday. It was pretty fun, but it was a hard to get into the conversation cuz there were so many of us.

Since no one has had any input about whether I should wait to learn to sing, I’m still doing the daily vocal warmups. Either I’m doing them wrong, or my vocal chords are really out of shape, because goodness. They’re surprisingly strenous. And they aren’t supposed to be at all!

Been working on Lizzy’s gift. Made a little progress. Lyn will be by later today to help me work on it.

Did some laundry and found some old clothes that I’d forgotten about.

Haven’t drawn anything for a few days cuz I’ve been too invested in Liz’s gift.

My dog keeps thinking my next door neighbor (a sweet older woman) is trying to come over here whenever she waters her plants.

And that about wraps it up. Nothing really interesting lately, so don’t be surprised if this ends up being the only post today. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!