Rant: Portraits

Aloha humans! So, for one of my classes I have to draw George Salazar (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before) and it is one of the most frustrating assignments I’ve recieved so far this semester.

I drew him once, go it pretty good, and I thought I was done. But no. We have to scale our drawings up again for a larger poster. I… just… Grrr.

And it’s not like portraits are particularly difficult. I’ve drawn a bunch before, in class last semester, for the fun of it, whatever. But this assignment reminds me over and over why I normally draw pictures once. If I really want to make a “final copy” I’ll outline in pen, then use my lightboard to trace onto a clean sheet of paper.

Anyhoo, I suppose this counts as a rant so I should title it appropriately.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



Drawing Progress Report

Aloha humans. Remember I mentioned I was doing a portrait of George Salazar for one of my classes? Well, I’ve got an outside outline completed, so next is facial proportions and shading.

Then I have to size up and copy the picture on a poster. After that I’ll finally be done. I hope it looks alright.

Anyway, you can probably tell I don’t have much to talk about at the moment. Everything’s pretty boring. Yay.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



Aloha humans! Today I had some free time, so I decided to honour the release of the new series (can you tell I’m a bit obsessed) with a drawing of my favourite character from the old show. Which really doesn’t make any sense cuz he had literally the same personality as his brothers in the old show. I’m glad he got some development in these first episodes. Here’s hoping the others do too!


The scanner I used really doesn’t do it justice, but I colored it in gel pen and scanned it with the Tiny Scanner app I use for Audience Participation. (Also, I colored him with a silver pen since it was the lightest grey I had and I wanted some contrast between him and the paper (and his eyes). Enjoy it!


Nothing Interesting

Aloha humans! I guess I should give a rundown of my life lately, seeing as no one stand-out thing has happened.

We went to dinner for Bro’s birthday yesterday. It was pretty fun, but it was a hard to get into the conversation cuz there were so many of us.

Since no one has had any input about whether I should wait to learn to sing, I’m still doing the daily vocal warmups. Either I’m doing them wrong, or my vocal chords are really out of shape, because goodness. They’re surprisingly strenous. And they aren’t supposed to be at all!

Been working on Lizzy’s gift. Made a little progress. Lyn will be by later today to help me work on it.

Did some laundry and found some old clothes that I’d forgotten about.

Haven’t drawn anything for a few days cuz I’ve been too invested in Liz’s gift.

My dog keeps thinking my next door neighbor (a sweet older woman) is trying to come over here whenever she waters her plants.

And that about wraps it up. Nothing really interesting lately, so don’t be surprised if this ends up being the only post today. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


I Drew a Thing

Here it is:

michael makes an entrance

not a great photo. Also, that is supposed to be Michael Mell. You can see how it differs, but I’m pretty proud of it.

If anyone has drawing tips, feel free to share them. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


p.s. that text all around it are notes on how I could improve it if I were to re-draw it, it says:

  • be more Michael Mell and less John Egbert
  • try shading? Can’t be white
  • chin too point
  • why did I make him a twig?
  • grr
  • I can’t fix that without starting over
  • bad headphones!

those aren’t very helpful notes, now that I type it out like that.

Lazy Day

Aloha humans! How’s your day been? No, seriously, comment how your day has been, I’d love to know. As for me I’ve had a lazy day.

Having literally nothing I have to do today (except take the trash out) I didn’t wake up ’til 11:30ish. When that happens, it generally means I’m not gonna do anything productive. I spent the day listening to the Be More Chill playlist on a loop, browsing the web, and drawing.

I hardly left my bed at all today. I know there was productive stuff I could do, but nothing I had to do, so I did nothing. Oh, except this post! But posting here is too fun to be considered work  🙂  .

Also, I ship Michael and Jeremy!

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!