Graphic Novel Recommendation

Aloha humans!

I have a deep love for graphic novels. Anything from comic books to manga, I’m there. I’ve never had the dough to go full-ham superhero comics and junk, but I read every book in the graphic novel section at my high school library.

So… Lumberjanes. Holy crap.

Basically, it’s a story that takes place at a summer camp. Except this place is seriously weird. I’m gonna avoid spoiler territory, but trust me, it’s weird.

Our protagonists are:

  • Jo, a tall girl with two dads and a big brain
  • April, Jo’s best friend, looks small and girly but could kill a man. Downright super strength
  • Molly, tall blonde girl with self-esteem issues, mad bow and anagram skills, and doesn’t wanna go home, definitely gay
  • Mal, looks tough but is scared of everything, has awesome plans, not a coward, definitely gay
  • Ripley, tiny ball of energy and enthusiasm, really close with Jen
  • Jen, the camp counselor in charge of the above, safety conscious, big brain, often ignored
  • Rosie, in charge of the camp, can’t seem to get Jen’s name right, if she isn’t based on Rosie the Riveter, colour me shocked
  • The Bear Woman, the name says it all

So, how would I best summarize the plot, spoiler-free with bullet points? Well:

  • Crazy stuff happens
  • Girls use brains, brawn, and friendship to conquer obstacles (but in a not-stupid way)
  • Warning! Will cause feels!

Honestly, I don’t know how else to describe this without spoiling anything. Just read it and see what I mean.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!