Quick Update

Sorry humans, but I’m seriously low on ideas. In a week or two, I could maybe get out a show recommendation, or a mood song or something, but I’ve got nothing right now. Not a thing worth telling.

I guess the twice daily updates have drained me of ideas. I’m hoping a funny memory will come to me or something interesting will happen, but until then…

The blog is officially going on hiatus. I don’t know for how long, but I fully intend for it to return as soon as possible. The moment I think of something good to write, I’ll be back.

Until that time, thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



December Hiatus

Aloha humans! You’ve probably noticed I’ve been gone more and more lately. Welp, it’s nearign exam time this semester and I’m mostly studying or relaxing.

Therefore, I’m putting the blog on official hiatus until January 1st.

You may see a few posts if something really interesting happens, but the normal update schedule won’t apply. Everything will go back to normal starting January 1st.

Thank you for your understanding/indignation (I can take anything but indifference) (hats off to anyone who gets that reference).

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!