Social Life Rant

Social life? What social life?


Aloha humans! Remember how Lyn moved away? Well, I officially hate it.

Classes are soooo boring without her there, and trying to talk to her is a real pain. We never seem to be logged into Skype at the same time and I don’t have a cellphone. Also, she’s not the only friend I don’t see often anymore.

Charles started taking online classes exclusively, Tess, Col, Lewdia, and even Scooter have schedules that make me interacting with them inconvenient. My complete lack of social ability makes it hard for me to talk to other people without being akward and the only person who initiates conversations with me on a regular basis (outside my family) drives me crazy. I’m kinda losing my mind!

There is one bright side though. I did make one friend who I share one class with. We kinda annoyed everyone by moving to sit next to each other, but who cares? So, in one class, I do have someone to talk to. Yay.

Times like this made me wish I could talk to people without being annoying or getting annoyed. Thank gods for family, eh? Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


It’s three am and I can’t sleep


I’m having, for the second night in a row, one of those nights where sleep just won’t stick. Like, I fall asleep for a bit and something wakes me p again. So have my 3 am ramblings.

My O key doesn’t work every time so I have to go back and add o’s to half these words.

What if the end of Mr. Peabody and Sherman is showing an alternate timeline.

Lizzy has a really pretty singing voice.

Singing in the Rain makes sense cause all but two songs existed before the musical (the songs are Moses Supposes and Fit as a Fiddle). Cuz if i were to just bust out singing randomly, and I’m prone to doing that, I would sing a song that actually exists, not make one up.

A dab is a fish that is kinda like a flounder.

I have one f Kap’n’s songs stuck in my head (hats off to anyone who gets that reference) (It doesn’t really count as a reference des i, I just named a character and stated a fact) (whatever).

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head you don’t know the lyrics to? Like, maybe a line or two but that’s it? That just happened to me. (Waving Through a Window).

Does that’s mean that is or belonging to that? That’s not mine, it’s that’s. That is a confusing sentence. (I picture that as being like a giant sea monster or something).

Will I remember typing this in the morning, or is this gonna be one of those things that I forget cuz I was so tired. I am surprisingly coherent for this time of night/morning, so maybe I’ll remember it.

Ducktales, a woo oo.

Ever been so tired your eyes feel scratchy? I don’t recommend it.

I haven’t spoken to Lyn in a few days, I should message her (she’s been at a camp). But it’s early. (I almost just said it’s Earl. Now I’m picturing Pearl from Hit the Diamond). I’ll do it later.

Why does WordPress start you out automatically following yourself, why would you wanna do that. I know when I just posted something, I don’t need an email.

When did we start spelling it email instead of e-mail? Like, in what era of human history? (I almost said ear, what ear of human history, that would’ve been silly).

You know what’s a surprisingly good movie? Storks. Rips your heart out tho…

Why do we say suprise, but write surprise? Do some people say that first “r” out loud?   Sir-Prize? That seems like that would be a British thing.

I’m no British, but I spell it colour and favourite because that looks right. Color and favorite look like they’re missing something. They’re missing u, how did this happen? (hats off to anyone who gets that reference) Bad joke, I should delete that. I’m not gonna.

The reference was to history of the entire world, i guess. Go watch it.

I just watched the first five-ish minutes and he had a picture from this off-brand I-Spy history book Lizzy and I had. I wonder if we still have that…

Did anybody else have I-Spy books in their school library? I never got to look at the library ones cuz they were so popular. I only got to read the ones teachers had in their classrooms. I miss those.

What if birds came about cuz a pterodactyl and a feathery dinosaur had babies? Wait, that would mean they were the same species. Cuz one of the things that mean two animals are the same species is that they can have fertile children. For thse uninitiated that means they can have grandkids together. If that can happen, same species.

Fire isn’t alive because it isn’t made of cells. It could be a plasma, or just a release of heat and light by a chemical reaction (the reaction being combustion). So fire is either plasma, or not actually a thing but a combination of sensations we gave a name to (aka not matter). So, the way to determine if fire is a plasma or just heat and light is to see if it is made of matter. Get on that scientists!!!

I’m gonna try to sleep now. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!




Lyn’s Exes: Technicality

Not an actual boyfriend I suppose, but this is Lyn’s next ex! Sorta. A week has passed and the [phantom] hurt (?) returns! Take it away Lyn!

So this story starts with my previously mentioned ex, Emo, introducing us. Literally, he told me to walk through this shortcut, down the road to the house across the street. This was my first time meeting my Technicality. Pues, he was…odd, in a cool way? that is generous. he’s frickin creepy. he may not have seemed like it at first, but i knew him through Bro’s current girlfriend Cobbler. technicality’s her ex and, we all hate him twice now. He invited his best friend’s girlfriend in willingly, giving me a grand tour of his fabulous home. Dude’s dad was loaded. That shortcut goes from a cut in the dirt to a paved frickin path in that neighborhood. super rich part of town. Let’s skip to after Emo breaks up with me, and Cobbler dumps Technicality. He becomes really depressed and turns to me for comfort. We grow closer over this, talking more, and hanging out before church. and my sis and i were growing more concerned, but we remained polite. There was a lot of drama that arose because of Technicality and Cobbler’s relationship and also with an old friend of mine, Road.

The gist of it, Cobbler/Road was a thing. #footpath #not shipped #brobbler 5eva. And, well it made Technicality feel like shit because she got over him so easily, even though she dumped him. bud, she was already over you, get a life, not a girlfriend. And, being the naive idiot I was, I wanted to trust the guy who was still going to church (because that was a huge part of my life until now). And I chose his side. incorrectly, but everyone makes mistakes. Basically was isolated to him in my friendships. Though Lorie and Charles and everyone still had their arms open, waiting for me. I always come back, usually broken. Damn I sound like a mooch, but anyway.  having friends that support you unconditionally does not make you a mooch, it makes you charismatic at worst and a good friend in reality. Technicality then took me out before church, around our tiny town, in his truck. Got Burger King together, making jokes at the workers there. Going to his house to say hi to his mom, going to the park and the band hall to chill with friends. And slowly we grew closer. Friendship turns into infatuation. Holding hands, many hugs, and kissing cheeks. A kiss or two. No promises or anythig serious. He probably was the only I ranted at for that entire time. not good, he was skilled at getting people close and being a general  jerk about it.

So…after a band competition, it was late and he offered me a ride home. I won’t go into detail, but we went too far, too fast. I didn’t want to, but wasn’t going to object to his wishes. (Another mistake, yes, but I don’t like saying no to anyone because I don’t like hurting people’s feelings conciously) He then proceeded to not speak to me for three months after this happened. because i decapitated him (i wish). Not a word, and he sat next to me at lunch. One day he started complaining that no one ever talks to him anymore. the bastard. I had been trying for months to start conversation, to even get a greeting from him to no avail. I stood up, getting frustrated to the point of tears, all the surpressed hurt now clear. I told him how much I had tried and how it hurt. I screamed at him, the attention of all nearby on me, and that he needs to let people in. People are what make life worth living. He said that sometimes life is spent away from other people, and I responded that when that time spent away becomes all the time, it is no life at all. to summarize she dropped him like a rotten burrito and came back to her real friends a mess and we were pissed. i offered to beat the shit out of him, but was denied permission.

Yep, and that was after physical hurt, so y’know. unfortuantely, she is too nice sometimes. i hate this guy with burning passion. Welp, I have been speaking to him a little bit. He apologized when he realized I was hurt, not when I screamed at him, a few days before his graduation, no, the end of that summer. He only knew that I was upset about it because a friend told him.

I hate him, we all hate him, and I hope he never finds this, cuz I’m never this mad at people but damn. I think we’d better cut this off before I cut a bitch. Okay that was a little funny, but yeah. I have forgiven him, to an extent. I don’t hate him, there’s only one Steve Carlsberg in my life and it’s in the form of a girl on my speaking team. (hats off to anyone who got that reference) Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!

-Lorie & Lyn

Lyn was over

Aloha humans! So, yesterday Lyn spent the night at my house. This morning she helped me start playing Skyrim.

Yesterday we went and played tennis with Charles. He was trying to run to the other end of the court, but he tripped on a chain. we played for a bit then headed home. We found out later the Charles actually broke his hand when he fell! It wasn’t bad, but I kinda felt bad about dragging him out to play tennis with us.

My dog love-assualted Lyn again. Everytime someone comes over Daisy just jumps up on them and tries to lick their face. At least she’s just a tiny boston terrier.

That’s it! Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Lyn’s Exes: Emo

Not For Tinies
This whole series tbh

Lyn’s next Ex! I’m sure you were on the edge of your seat waiting for this story. Take it away Lyn!

He just appeared as my friend one day idk. i knew him from my drama class. emo is a nickname, but an apt description. This was eighth grade. Still remember the dates, unfortunately they’re still taking up mindspace. delete them, and make room for info on the solar system (hats off to anyone who gets that reference). [It started on a Saturday, ended on a Thursday, about three and a half months later] so not as long as scooter for me. lucky you. He asked me out through a shoutout at a band competition. So basically, a shoutout is a slip of paper you pay about $1-$3 for and the announcer reads it between the marching bands setting up on the field. that’s actually sorta romantic. for jh/freshman. It was. The entire thing (Bo, why do I remember so much about this) was read by this amazing announcer, who had so much emotion with every meme given to him it was great, but what it said was “To: Lyn, From: You Know Who, I think I like you more than anime, will you go out with me?” no. how do you take something so potentially romantic, and make it that much better. The weebing was real. still is. lookin at you tess >->  Yeah, he was sitting next to me and we hugged as the entire stadium went awww. Yes much more romantic than friggin Crane.

i can’t wait to see how it fell apart (i sorta know, but it was still jh and she still avoided me >( gr jk I forgive you )  So after three and half months of being intergrated into his family and exchanging notes in each other’s instrument cases, (because other than the nightly phone call from my landline, that was all the communication we had), (whistles disappointedly) he came up to me as I walked into the band hall. I kow where this is going, you were bummed for a looooong ass time. He said that he thought we should see other people, and hoped we could still be friends. and you shot the friend thing down like a lusus shaped pinata (hats off to anyone who gets that reference). “I don’t think we can be friends, Emo,” (I did use his actual name) I said, as I reach out my hand to take my scarf back. The scarf he wore every day. like a sentimental little shit. he was an insufferable prick. he isn’t anymore but damn. And walk out. i get to my second period, Office Aide, and take every single note he ever gave me, and dump them in the trash without a second glance. Okay, and they were all worn down from me reading them so much. To add detail to this situation. I should point out now that like a week before this i stayed over at her house and she officially stopped inexplicably avoiding me. she even gave me a really sweet note (that mentioned emo). so not even a week after getting my bff back she gets all moody and depressed and i was ready to kick some ass. Yeah, I don’t think that I even thought I loved him, but Bo, I was torn up for months until Incest Dude shows up. Different story, different time. More ass for Lorie-the-Mom-Friend to kick. I was gonna kick ass till word got around. (hats off to anyone who actually followed that link). Don’t mess with my bff!

This was an emotional time. Unfortunately. Okay but I started talking to him recently for the first time in years. After the break-up he was a jerk to me and all my friends. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!

-Lorie & Lyn

Storytime: How I met Lyn

Luckily, it wont take me 9 years to tell this story (hats off to anyone who gets that reference).

I’ve known Lyn for a LOOONG time. She was my first friend outside of my family. I was a shy kid on the first day of Kindergarten, but that didn’t last long. During playtime I really wanted to play with PlayDoh, for some reason, but all of it was taken by other kids. I finally got up the nerve to talk to this one girl with red PlayDoh. I asked her if I could have some and she tore the ball of dough in half and gave me half. I told her my name was Lorelei, but I go by Lorie. She introduced herself as Lyn (remember that cuz I couldn’t).

We played for a bit (“look Lorie, a PlayDoh toilet!”), and I instatntly decided she was my best friend. And then proceeded to forget her name. Everyday. For literal months (2). I finally figured out that her name was right near mine on the Line-Leader List and could finally stop asking her her name everyday like a weirdo and terrible friend. Obviously, I have it memorized now.

So, to avoid this being a short story (already did one of those today), I’m gonna tell of some of our Kindergarten adventures.

There was a kid named Zack that teased Lyn, so I called him Quack for a week. He finally quit.

One day we were playing hide-n-seek. I hid in my locker cuz I knew the trick to opening lockers from the inside. Once I was in, however, I discovered there was a “protective gaurd” over the inside latch to prevent kids from pinching their fingers, and my escape. I stayed quiet untill I was the only one unfound, then I banged on the locker door to let eeryone know where I was. But, I was a weak child and no one heard. Except Lyn. The teacher was starting the next part of the day and Lyn was like, “Miss, Lorie’s in a locker. Miss.” Finally, I was freed from my embarrassing prison.

The classroom we were in for kindergarten had a little loft thing called the Tree House (there was no tree tho). The Line-Leader got to sleep in the Tree House during naptime. Once Lyn convinced the teacher to let us both sleep there. We spent the whole time whispering.

Kinergarten was a weird time… Anywho, that’s how I met Lyn and the subsequent michief we got up to. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Storytime: Corpus Christi

Oh boy. Welcome to another storytime! This is a long one but it was pretty cool.

So, in between freshman and sophomore year in HS, I went on a trip with the band cuz I was in choir. We went to Corpus Christi, TX, a touristy beach town that was pretty neat. Band trips are apparantly always this cool, but I wouldn’t know. Anywho, my sis (I think we should call her… Terezi (hats off to anyone who gets that reference)), Tess, Lyn, and I shared a room. And it was crazy.

So first, we had to take a charter bus there. At least it wasn’t a normal school bus, but it was a LONG drive. Luckily we were able to keep each other entertained for the most part. Terezi and Tess sat next to each other and I sat next to Lyn (who, I may have mentioned, I was currently at the peak of crushing on) (It started with Tess and Lyn next to each other, but they kept fighting). We mostly played never have I ever; we tried to keep it clean cuz Terezi is super ace, aro, and sex-repulsed. This went on for hours intermixed with singing, sleeping, and storytelling.

On the way we stopped at a McDonald’s and our other friend, who shall temporarily remain nameless, joined us. We took advantage of the wifi and Lyn got mad at her computer. She yelled, “excuse me ma’am!” at her computer and scared a lady. Now would probably be a good time to mention that I play the ukulele. We sat outside the McDonald’s playing ukulele and singing. Then we had to load back up on the bus and drive for more hours. Gag.

When we finally arrived it was ~3ish so not as late as you’d think, except we boarded the bus in the wee hours of the morning. We unloaded the massive storage area of sooo many instruments (practice for my future job as a volunteer member of the pit crew). Then we finally got to go into the hotel. We all went to the pool after we unloaded our crap in our rooms. Take note of the pool, and the beach, as important events take place there.

At the pool there was a hot tub. And I don’t like being in hot tubs with other people. So I sat on the bench around the hot tub and played the ukulele. I played Can’t Help Falling in Love and a Steven Universe song. An some random strangers sang along (as well as my friends). It was pretty neat.

We had an itinerary with a bunch of crap on it, but I’ll only mention the really memorable stuff (i.e. the stuff I remember). So we (I) played claw machines A LOT, but I was good at it so it wasn’t a waste of money. I gave most of my prizes to friends and I gave one to an Amish girl tiny (I’m not sure she was Amish but that was the vibe I got. I guess I shouldn’t assume).

We went to an arcade. I won a ball and a dolphin in claw machines. I kept the ball and gave the dolphin to Lyn. It was galaxy print and was named Andromeda; Terezi also got one and named it Cassiopeia. We played a bunch of games and I owned at coin dozer as usual (interesting story about me and traditional gambling games, but that is for another time). We won some prizes, but I don’t have most of them anymore.

We went to the U.S.S. Lexington and the band members played a show nobody showed up to. We sat in a bunch of planes. Incest Dude, Lyn, and I hung out so I was the awkward third-wheel as we sat in planes and those two geeked out and were ridiculously invested in plane history like a bunch of nerds. I was kinda jealous (like I said, height of the crush), but at least they were happy (~boy did that turn out well~).

We had a curfew. At 10:00pm we had to be in our rooms or we were in trouble, oh no. (Tess, go to the room. Tess we literally have two minutes till curfew. TESS< STOP FLIRTING AND COME ON) .Then, when they were sure everyone was actually in the room, the would put painter’s tape between the door and the frame. The idea was that if someone opened the door after curfew the tape would rip and the chaperones would know they broke the rules. Quite a few kids got in trouble… Nobody cared.

The cool thing to do once we were released in the mornings was go to the beach while it was still largely abandoned. There were so many hermit crabs in the morning it was ridiculous and beautiful. I had to pick up shells for Tess to see if they had a crab in them or not because she was afraid of getting pinched. They all did; I still never got pinched tho. SUCK IT UP TESS!

Lyn and I were walking on the beach and we started picking up trash. I was counting the bottle caps. It was something like 400 and there were over 75 straws! We carried a lot of trash. It was one of the few times we got to talk on that trip. We usually have our real conversations on the phone and at school we had jokey ones. Sleep overs have very diverse topics. I’m getting off track here… TRASH! So much, like ten pounds. And people kept acting all grateful like they couldn’t do that themselves. They were like, “oh you two care about the environment” and crap and I just stood there thinking “you could pick up stuff too y’know.” We just politely thanked them. There was this one drunk guy surrounded by bottles and we had to wait for his wife to drag him away so we could pick them up. I think he was the father of the Amish tiny from earlier.

One evening, Lyn and I were chilling on the deck outside. We were being all rebellious and sitting outside the railing and in a life gaurd tower near the deck. The Incest Dude came outside and they started talking. I was once again resigned to being the third wheel. I sat behind them on the deck while they sat outside the railing and sang romantic songs under my breath to tease them. No idea if they heard me, but I was thoroughly entertained. and slightly jealous. if you actually read all the above you already know why.

I tried to set those two up. We even found an adaptation to a law that meant the two could legally date. But he wasn’t interested. In hindsight, this was a blessing.

We went to an outdoor mall. Lyn and I tried to find a Victoria’s Secret (there was none), and decided we should definitely live there. That isn’t actually possible, but whatever.

I have (had?) this little FNAF Freddy figurine that is possessed. He’s my bodygaurd and he recently went missing for the longest time since I got him. I wonder if he’s gonna come back this time. Anywho, on the way back I lost track of him and went to search in the Bucky’s we stopped at. Apparantly, I delayed Mr. Band Director too much and he got mad at me. He is a tad insensitive. I found Freddy that time. Hope to again.

I think that about sums up the trip. This was super long. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


(PS Tess, pls don’t get mad! I was joking)