Just a Collection of Things

Aloha humans! Everyone in this house is sick except me and Mimi. I’m at my mother’s, btw. Since I decided to stay home to play doctor for these nerds, I don’t have any interesting stories long enough for an individual post. That’s where this comes in.

It’s kinda like those random thoughts collections from before, except that there may be some actual stories in here. Or not. It’s basically the exact same thing.

First of all, the blog just got 25 followers! Wtf! I can’t imagine 25 people actually consistently being interested in this, but there you are. You humans are absolutely amazing! With how varied and crazy the theme is here, I’m glad that there are so many of you who have an actual interest in the blog itself, rather than just the one story that led you to it. Thank you!!!!

Um… Slime Rancher episode two is out on my YouTube for those who are interested. I actually gave it a title this time. I used a funny moment from the episode as the title. Those rock-pink slimes just will not stop attacking me!

Still have mad gigantic feelings. Definitely not a bad thing, but it takes some getting used to. I’m not sure if it’s permanent, or if maybe it’s a side effect of all the stuff I’m doing. I’ve been kinda following my dreams this past week, what with YouTube, and finding a book on anatomy for artists, and finally getting serious about art projects I’d been considering. With tennis season coming up, I guess I do have a lot of reasons to be feeling good, but I must say, the positivity about my appearance is very new. I never thought of myself as ugly, but I’ve never felt so consistently confident in my looks. I’m almost worried about seeming conceited, but I’m giving myself a pass for now.

I’ve limited my Batman watching time to the weekend. Maybe I’ve already said this, I dunno. Even though I’m home today, I’m keeping that vow. It’s painful, but I’m doing it!

Fell back into the wonderful pit of BMC. I hear it’s running again with a new cast, although I’m not sure if it’s still going or if it ended. The new Jeremy is ginger which is unexpected but good. I’ll probably never change the way I see or draw them to match any new cast. Not that I don’t think any other actors will do as well, but because I already got used to drawing them after the original cast. To be fair, I did imagine what they looked like before I saw what the cast looked like and it matched up pretty well, so that certainly helped.

Got some sweet Dan and Phil merch for Christmas. It wasn’t in the holiday haul post cuz it arrived late. The idea is for my sister and I to wear it to Interactive Introverts. We got Japan hats, Pixel People shirts, and Official Phandom Member wristbands. We also plan to draw cat whiskers on our faces with liquid eyeliner. It’ll be a fun time. I’m so stoked to see them, even though I won’t get to actually meet them.

Got a rough draft of a sketch for that project I’ve mentioned before. Have a look:


Still really rough and I’ve added some notes since scanning, but this is this is the basic plan. I think I’ll either make the elbow point outwards or have him fiddling with his tie or something. The face is gonna look completely different, that one is just a placeholder (that’s supposed to be a young Shiro, btw. VLD Soulmate au). I can’t post the finished products until after the Supernova posting day, but I figure since this is just a draft and the end product won’t look anything like it, I could get some advice from you humans.

Been listening to some lofi hip-hop today. It’s been a while but Lyn sent me a link to a good video ages ago and I decided to give it a listen. It’s really good. I’ll leave a link to it here for those who need something to listen to that doesn’t require too much attention.

I’ve been doing so much stuff that I don’t have time to do other stuff and sometimes I don’t do anything as a result. Like, for example, I wanna draw, read, watch Batman, and play video games all at once. Since that’s impossible, I’ll end up just scrolling through Pinterest or Tumblr. This is not a good system, but I’m very bad about dedicating the right amount of time to each task to ensure I have time to do everything and enjoy each thing I do. I’m sure I’m not the only person this affects. If anyone has advice, hmu in the comments (haha, I’m such a nerd).

Lizzie has spent the past hour slowly nibbling on one piece of dry toast. She isn’t even halfway done yet. She’s taking the whole, “eat it slowly” thing a bit too far.

I’m thinking about playing some Skyrim later. Only putting this here so I remember, not because it’s particularly interesting. Maybe, if I do, something funny will happen and I can post a Tales from Syke-rim story. People I know in person occasionally ask why I call it that. Here’s the big secret. When I was typing the title, I misspelled Skyrim as Sykrim. I found that really funny, but I wanted to make it obvious that it wasn’t just a typo, so I played it up. Thus, the name was born. If you have no idea what I’m talking about here and here are my previous Skyrim posts. I’m gonna get notifications about those hyperlinks.

Lyn sent me a type-written letter and it was great.

The platypus plush had a hole in it I had to patch up, but he is good now. If he could talk, I’m sure he’d say hi. For those who don’t know, he is the namesake for the whole blog and is hug-shaped.

Lyn had a stuffed cow that’s spherical. It’s name is Oggy. I decided that Oggy is shaped like a friend (cuz he’s a sphere cow) and all our friends went with it. It became a bit of an inside joke with us.

Here’s an update on my friends. Since I hardly see them, I try to keep track of how they are:

  • Lyn moved, as you know. They’re okay, if a bit stressed.
  • Charles dropped out and, last I heard, has a boyfriend.
  • Tess is p good but refuses to acknowledge her obvious hotness
  • I haven’t seen Col in a long time, but they were doing well last I saw them
  • Lewdia has been AWOL for a long time and might be reading this. If so, hi! How’re you?
  • Scooter got caught in some stupid drama, but it’s slowly blowing over

I think that about covers it since we already covered how my family and I are. Oh! Bro and his girlfriend have a cat named Tux who is adorable and hid in my wardrobe when they came to visit. Very cute!

Lizzie has a webcomic now! It’s v cool. It’s called Resting Blank Face and she won’t update it! It’s killing me. She’s always talking about how she can’t draw, but these stick figures are very expressive. I can’t write, so we’re considering doing a collab comic once the Supernova is over. She’s writing it and I’m gonna draw it (obviously)! It’ll be good. Probably.

I think that covers everything. Long post, and not every exciting, but maybe you humans liked it. After all, 25 of you actually followed the blog and I still can’t get over that.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



Random Thought: Monotreme

Monotremata is an order of animals in the Mammal kingdom classified by their unusual reproduction. They lay eggs rather than birthing live young. The animas included are platypodes and echidnas. I just found that interesting.


Aloha Humans!

I’m not from Hawaii

I’m not from Hawaii… Anywho, I’m Lorelei. My awesome friend Ashleena/Lyn told me to do this (read: is sitting next to me making sure I don’t freak out at the features and junk). Despite the platypus thing I have going on, this blog isn’t about platypodes. I’m just here to talk about crap that happens to me and hopefully be somewhat entertaining. ummm… now what? I guess it’s story time…

So, I’ll start with a story that just happened. The aforementioned awesome friend of mine is staying the night and we had to take down the Christmas stuff (I know, we’re appalling). We start taking down decorations. I should make it clear now I am a 5′ petite girl and I can’t even reach the top shelf of my bookshelf without standing on my tippy-toes (is that how you spell that?). I was standing on the couch pulling down swag and she was de-lighting the small tree and I proceed to drop a crap ton of decorations on my head… and my little brother (sorry again, Blue).

But the truly entertaining part was taking apart the Big Tree. It isn’t actually that big… but to a midget like me the thing is absolutely massive! Lyn (going with the shorter name) starts trying to unwind the lights and gets really confused by my light-stringing method (I string it like a frickin pre-lit tree) while I try to explain my reasoning and tangle myself up in the lights. I finally take over and we do manage to get all the lights off.

Now comes the time to finally actually take the dumb thing apart. And this is where the feces hits the whirling-blade device (hats off to anyone who gets that joke). So we remove the top part no problem. BUT, then when we try to remove the middle section… It Refuses! Lyn held the base down and I pulled the stupid section as hard as I could, and it just frickin stays there. It occurs to us that the tiny midget girl is probably not the best for that task. So we switch, but I’m too light to hold the base down so Lyn ends up just PICKING UP THE TREE. Finally, we just give up and decide to start folding up the branches.

And we realize we have no idea how to get the branches to lock. We push up the top layer and it stays, but the next layer only half the branches lock into place. We just look at each other like, “Now what?”. Then Lyn gets a brilliant idea. She twists the branches from the upper layer around this layer and vice versa. My older brother is gonna have a great time setting up the tree in 6 months… So we just wind the branches together till we reach the bottom of the middle section, and Lyn is like, “let’s try to take it a part now.” Which was a brilliant idea and also what we should’ve done IN THE FIRST PLACE. This time i am able to untwist the pieces and realize that this section is heavy as heck. I basically drop it in a controlled manner and Lyn moved it out of the way.

Then we wind the branches of the bottom section too and finally, FINALLY, we finish deconstructing the tree. Only to realize we have no idea where these decorations are supposed to be kept. We should not have been trusted with this task…


Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!