Aloha! I’ve stayed up late and when I stay up late I encounter a problem. It’s actually a problem I have often, but it’s worse when I haven’t fallen asleep yet.

The overwhelming desire to snack.

At night, I particularly have trouble resisting. This is cuz during the day I wanna snack cuz I’m bored (bad idea, don’t do that), but at night I have specific things I want to eat. Tonight alone I’ve wanted:

  • A cheese panini
  • cookies-n-cream ice cream
  • cheese peanut butter crackers (peanut butter on obnoxiously orange crackers)

I have managed to resist the urge to eat these things using the following thoughts, respectively:

  • too much work for this late
  • Bro bought it so I have to wait ’til he’s awake to ask for some
  • I already brushed my teeth

This didn’t really have a point. Just me struggling. I should really just go to bed.

Anyway, thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!