Storytime: The Annual Great Hair Debate!

Aloha humans! Summer is coming to an end, which means I have to get a haircut and an eye appointment. As with every year the Great Hair Debate has ensued. Here’s the info:

  • I have expressed interest in wanting my hair cut short.
  • If I leave it long, I want to wear it in an over-the-shoulder braid.
  • I must have my bangs trimmed.
  • My mother (who pays for my haircuts and therefore has a say) wants me to get my hair cut in a style.
  • She’s fine with short, but she wants me to get a specific cut. Doesn’t matter which one, just something specific.

So, the compromise seems to be a short hairstyle. Now part two comes in. I have to choose a style.

More specs:

  • No Pixies (I don’t want it, Mom won’t allow it)
  • I want feminine or androgynous cuts
  • My mother and I have to agree
  • I have yet to find a style I like

So, what about long hair?

  • If I leave my hair long, Mom wants it to have a specific cut (of my choosing)
  • I just want my bangs trimmed and to wear my hair braided
  • It is unlikely we’ll ever agree on this matter

So far, here are the solutions I have:

  1. Have Mom look at haircuts with me so we can easily find one we agree on
  2. Find a way to pay for my own haircut before tomorrow and get the bangs trimmed
  3. Just let Mom choose the haircut, then wear it however I want

I’m leaning towards option 1.

I’ll fill you in on how it goes shortly! Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Storytime(?): The Gift

Aloha! Finaly, I can talk about the present I gave Lizzy for her birthday.

I made a one-person performance of Be More Chill, performed and edited by me. I even had costumes!

No, you can not see it. For multiple reasons. One, it’s very poor quality. I’m missing some lines and the editing could be better. Two, I only have Act 1 done right now. I’m giving her Act 2 for the winter holidays. And Three, I’d like to maintain a level of anonymity online. I’m pretty open about most stuff, but I’d rather not have my face shown.

So, there you go. All the hype seems way over-done when I see it typed out like this. But, whatever. It was fun and exhausting to create.

I edited in IMovie (never do that) and it crashed s often I got three days behind schedule and had to re-do a scene and a half. I ended up finishing it on the car ride to her party. She loved it though. The novelty made up for the low quality just as I hoped it would.

Welp, I think that sums it up! Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Storytime: Kindergarten

Aloha humans! I talk a lot about the first half of Highschool, and that is really such a small part of my life, so… let’s talk about kindergarten!

This is really a collection of stories from Kindergarten, so be ready for that.

So, first, on the first day I met Lyn. We shared Play-Doh, I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before.

Now, for some new, more interesting stories.

This maybe could’ve been mentioned in my love life post, but I didn’t think it counts. In Kindergarten, this kid (we’ll call him Go-Go, since that was a nickname he went by) had a crush on me. He didn’t talk much but he would follow me around, he’d set his mat next to mine for nap time, and he was kinda creeping me out. I won’t deny I once took advantage of that crush to borrow his blanket when it was cold, but aside from that one thing, I was mostly uncomfortable. There was this treehouse the line-leader got to nap in and I always liked it when he or I was line-leader cuz then he couldn’t set his mat by mine. I’d even be near the door cuz nobody went there since the light made it hard to sleep.

Another thing, I was crazy about drawing even back then. I really wanted to play with blocks one time, but everybody else was using them and wouldn’t let me play. So instead I drew out what I would build. I even kept track of how many blocks there were of each shape so I didn’t draw anything I couldn’t actually do. My teacher called me an architect an I got fixated on that for a few days before I finally decided architecture wasn’t for me.

We had these really cool MLP toys that were like, pull-back scooters they could ride on, a little toy radio that I either stole or had one exactly like (I can’t remember which) and a bunch of other stuff like that. I always loved playing with those, especially the radio cuz it had one up-beat song and one lullaby and neither had lyrics so they were really pleasant to listen to.

One time we were playing hide-n-seek and I was the queen of hide-n-seek, let me tell you. I’d always think to hide in places nobody really thought of. Anyway, one time I decided to hide in my locker. We were the cool class that had lockers instead of cubbies (it was awesome). So, I hid in my locker thinking “I know how to get out of these from the inside, I saw it on TV once.” Turns out, however, that the little latch thing on the inside of lockers is a pinching hazard and had a guard over it so we tiny kindergarteners wouldn’t pinch our fingers. So, I was stuck. I didn’t say anything right away, cuz I still wanted to win. However, the other kids (except Lyn) gave up when they couldn’t find me. And then the teacher went to start circle time. That’s when I started banging on the locker, but nobody noticed at first. I get that it was a loud classroom but geez! Anyway, eventually the teacher let me out of the locker and banned hide-n-seek.

There was a kid in our class (let’s call him… Brad) who was pretty nice. Brad was always trying to help people and was one of the few kids other than Lyn that I consistently got along with. He moved away early in Middle School, btw. Anyhoo, one time it was almost Valentine’s Day and I decided to make paper hearts for everyone in the class. Brad really wanted to help. I told him I could handle it. He picked up the scissors I was using and said, “but look! I’m good with scissors!” Being an idiotic six-year-old, I reached for the scissors to go back to working. I couldn’t care less how good he was with scissors, this was my project. Unfortunately, I should’ve payed more attention to what I was doing, because a moment later my finger really hurt. I did the typical Kindergarten remedy of putting it in my mouth, and when I took it out to check it, the finger was covered in blood. I screamed. The teacher rushed me to the nurse who wrapped it up. Turns out Brad had inadvertently cut off the tip of my finger when I so stupidly reached for the scissors. I was fine, but I had to wear a bandage around my finger for two days. When we tried to take it off  it ripped and left the soft layer causing me to think I really messed up my finger. I was fine tho and the fingertip grew back, so no worries.

Side note: I think it was 1st grade but the same kid gave me a cool Santa figure for a Winter Holiday Gift Exchange™. So that was cool.

One time Lyn convinced the teacher to let us share the tree house.

The tree house had an alcove underneath it where kids played dress-up and house. I once walked around the whole classroom in over-sized high heels and I was sooooo proud of myself.

Man, I miss Kindergarten. I wish I could re-live it sometimes. Just for a few days. Anyhoo, I hope you humans enjoyed this. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Storytime(?): Anon Love

More or less… I’ve started a thing, and since I’ve been signing it, I guess I can talk about it here.

So, whenever I find a link to a writer’s Tumblr at the end of a fic, I got to their blog and leave a positive message. I do it on Tumblr cuz it gives them publicity and because the first time I did this, the author said that nobody cared about their Tumblr. I wanted to prove them wrong.

So far I’ve done this for 18 blogs. Whenever I see a response, I take a screencap of it and save it on my computer. When I get 20, I’ll post them here.

Until then, thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Storytime(?): Found Something!

Aloha humans! Okay, a little backstory: When I was younger I had this pocket reference book on gemstones. I was obsessed with it! I read it cover to cover on multiple occasions and I knew so many trivial facts about gemstones going into 2nd grade, you would not believe it.

And, after having moved multiple times, having packed and unpacked and thrown out so much stuff, I found it! I frickin found it!

Obviously, I’m re-reading it. It’s even more interesting now that I know more about math and science an stuff. I have an actual understanding of the content instead of clinging to the simplest facts. It’s cool.

That book was also, like, one of the first non-fiction books I had ever read, so finding it again is a huge nostalgia trip.

Image result for pocket gemstones reference

This is the book btw. I have no clue why I loved it so much, but re-reading it is just so great. Especially since now I’ve seen Steven Universe, so the facts about relevent gems in the show are even more interesting. Although, thanks to this book, I’ve been personifying gemstones since a long time before Steven Universe came out.

That’s all, I just thought you humans might find that cool. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Storytime: Clean Gambling

Aloha humans!

I have weird luck when it comes to “gambling.” by which I mean, I play kids versions of gambling games like coin dozer and slots… and cards. Here are some fun stories about that.

When I was really young, my first time visiting family in Florida, we went to an arcade. Or, so I am told; I have no memory of this trip. Anyhoo, at this arcade there was a slot machine game. I was 2. And according to my dad I sat there and won jackpot after jackpot and got a crap ton of tickets. I also apparently shared. No memory.

The next time, and I remember this one, was visiting more family. This time in Wisconsin. We went to a water park and indoor amusement park. I spent a lot of time in the arcade. I love arcades! DDR is my favourite thing to do, but this place didn’t have it at the time. I have a Coin Dozer app on my kindle that I’ve loved playing for a long time. So, when I saw there was a real Coin Dozer at this arcade, I got super excited. And when I saw that you had the chance to win a disposable camera in it I flipped out! There was no way I was leaving that place without that camera.

This was a token place, so the machine was a sliding slot that let you choose where to drop the token and rows of tokens inside that you want to push into the machine to get tickets. Each token earned you two tickets. I’ve put so much time into the Coin Dozer app that I had the strategies down. I ended up getting over a thousand tickets from this machine. Unfortunately, after using 90 tokens on the thing, my aunt and grandmother wouldn’t give me anymore, so I did end up leaving without a disposable camera. I did get of  prizes, but it consisted of a giant bag of gummy worms and a few other things that I can’t remember clearly.

The first time I ever used a claw machine (I know this isn’t gambling but it is equally luck based) I really wanted this stuffed vampire. It was a Dracula type vamp, not Buffy or Twilight. It was kinda cheap, but I found it too adorable to resist. I got Mimi to give me one dollar. One shot. I’d never used a real claw machine before and I only had one chance. Luckily, as with the Coin Dozer, I had played an app. This app lets you turn the machine to look at the side. So when I was playing the real one, I ran around to the side to get an idea of the depth. Unnecessarily long story short, I got the vamp and impressed bystanders.

That was just a few of the weird luck I’ve had with rigged arcade machines. Do any of you have stories like this? If so, you should comment them! Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Storytime: One of Many Times I Lost a Friend…

… and didn’t mind at all. I’ll tell more later, but for now let’s start with… India. (name changed to protect her privacy, obviously)

Okay, so back in, wow, 8th grade I was in my first school art class. For the first semester I sat with three 6th graders. We were good buds, but we were disruptive. Haha, we talked a lot. So, for the second semester the teacher split us up.

Also for the second semester, a new girl (to me) changed schedules to be in out art class, and it turns out most of the same classes as me. This was India. The 6th graders and I ended up sitting together through a little trickery, but this time with India.

India was the kind of girl who loved reading smut on Wattpad and was a hopless romantic. She was also pretty nice. We got along pretty great. Until…

For months India had been telling us her family was going to move. She gave us a date of when she was leaving, but two months later she disappeared. Her family moved without warning.

Luckily, remember when I mentioned she liked Wattpad? Well, I had a Wattpad at the time. It was a fanfic account for… Sherlock Holmes. I’m super obsessed with those books. And this was before the show Sherlock too, so my obsession was straight Arthur Conan Doyle!

This is when i found out that India wasn’t as nice as I originally thought. Maybe the fact the only other friend of hers I knew was a jerk, especially to me, should’ve tipped me off…

Anyway, I was messaging her through Google, then she asked me if I could message her through Wattpad. I told her my wattpad username and we messaged for a bit there. After a bit, I started telling her about a new story I was thinking about when she started acting cold. I let the matter drop. Later she asked if I was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. I responded, “Well, yeah.” She informed me that that was super weird. I haven’t heard from her since.

So, that’s the tale of how I lost a friend, and didn’t mind. This actually wasn’t the first time this happened, but that is another story. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!