Aloha Humans!

I’m not from Hawaii


I’m not from Hawaii… Anywho, I’m Lorelei. My awesome friend Ashleena/Lyn told me to do this (read: is sitting next to me making sure I don’t freak out at the features and junk). Despite the platypus thing I have going on, this blog isn’t about platypodes. I’m just here to talk about crap that happens to me and hopefully be somewhat entertaining. ummm… now what? I guess it’s story time…

So, I’ll start with a story that just happened. The aforementioned awesome friend of mine is staying the night and we had to take down the Christmas stuff (I know, we’re appalling). We start taking down decorations. I should make it clear now I am a 5′ petite girl and I can’t even reach the top shelf of my bookshelf without standing on my tippy-toes (is that how you spell that?). I was standing on the couch pulling down swag and she was de-lighting the small tree and I proceed to drop a crap ton of decorations on my head… and my little brother (sorry again, Blue).

But the truly entertaining part was taking apart the Big Tree. It isn’t actually that big… but to a midget like me the thing is absolutely massive! Lyn (going with the shorter name) starts trying to unwind the lights and gets really confused by my light-stringing method (I string it like a frickin pre-lit tree) while I try to explain my reasoning and tangle myself up in the lights. I finally take over and we do manage to get all the lights off.

Now comes the time to finally actually take the dumb thing apart. And this is where the feces hits the whirling-blade device (hats off to anyone who gets that joke). So we remove the top part no problem. BUT, then when we try to remove the middle section… It Refuses! Lyn held the base down and I pulled the stupid section as hard as I could, and it just frickin stays there. It occurs to us that the tiny midget girl is probably not the best for that task. So we switch, but I’m too light to hold the base down so Lyn ends up just PICKING UP THE TREE. Finally, we just give up and decide to start folding up the branches.

And we realize we have no idea how to get the branches to lock. We push up the top layer and it stays, but the next layer only half the branches lock into place. We just look at each other like, “Now what?”. Then Lyn gets a brilliant idea. She twists the branches from the upper layer around this layer and vice versa. My older brother is gonna have a great time setting up the tree in 6 months… So we just wind the branches together till we reach the bottom of the middle section, and Lyn is like, “let’s try to take it a part now.” Which was a brilliant idea and also what we should’ve done IN THE FIRST PLACE. This time i am able to untwist the pieces and realize that this section is heavy as heck. I basically drop it in a controlled manner and Lyn moved it out of the way.

Then we wind the branches of the bottom section too and finally, FINALLY, we finish deconstructing the tree. Only to realize we have no idea where these decorations are supposed to be kept. We should not have been trusted with this task…


Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


December Hiatus

Aloha humans! You’ve probably noticed I’ve been gone more and more lately. Welp, it’s nearign exam time this semester and I’m mostly studying or relaxing.

Therefore, I’m putting the blog on official hiatus until January 1st.

You may see a few posts if something really interesting happens, but the normal update schedule won’t apply. Everything will go back to normal starting January 1st.

Thank you for your understanding/indignation (I can take anything but indifference) (hats off to anyone who gets that reference).

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Storytime: Binks’ Brew

Aloha humans! Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I had to do a lot of family stuff. I’ll probably be gone again coming up.

My little brother loves Christmas. The moment we finish eating Thanksgiving, Christmas music is allowed. The next day, the tree at my dad’s goes up. My mom, however, leaves the tree set up to us.

This kinda comes back to my first post. That was taking down a tree, this is putting it up. Normally, this would mean it’s been almost a year, but, in reality, it’s been about six months. This one isn’t about the struggles of constructing the tree. It’s about how my sister and I spent the time building it.

Okay, keeping in mind we have two trees. Here’s how it went.

About 5 minutes before, I showed Lizzie the English dub of the song “Binks’ Brew” from One Piece. It had a sad bit (no spoilers) and she said, “Ow, my heart!” (I promise this will be important).

Then we were told to build the trees, so I started on the big green one and she built the smaller silver one really quickly. Last year, when I was building the tree, I listened to skydoesminecraft’s (now NetNobody) Roommates series. So, I asked Liz what she wanted to listen to. After a pause, she went with Markiplier’s GTA V playlist.

However, she was driving me irrationally crazy. She kept talking while I tried to voice search the playlist she wanted. So, to annoy her back, I played “Binks’ Brew” again. Didn’t do much to annoy her, but the video had lyrics, so I sang along a bit.

Liz was surprised to hear me sing along, “Wow, you really do know this song.”

“Nope. It’s a lyrics video.”

A sucker for music, she came and read over my shoulder and we sang it together a few times, with varying levels of success. Afterward, when we were listening to the GTA playlist, we joked a bit about the song. How it was, “This universe’s (The One Piece one) more narratively appropriate equivalent to “What Would You Do With a Drunken Sailor.” It was pretty fun.

Anyway, tl;dr: “Binks’ Brew.” Google it.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



Aloha humans!

My sister and I signed up for the VLD Supernova Bang (writer and artist respectively). For those who don’t know, it’s a big writer/artist fanfiction collaboration for the show Voltron Legendary Defender.
Anyway, I have met one of the writers I’m drawing for (online) and that was really nice. Haven’t heard back from the other yet (who has two other artists), so let’s hope I do soon. My art style isn’t really suited to that fic, so I’ll have to experiment a bit.

Anyway! Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!



Aloha humans!

This is a quickie, but I’m low on ideas tonight.

As I believe I’ve already mentioned, I recently fixed my rock tumbler. And no, that isn’t a blog on a popular social media about rocks. It’s a machine that rotates rocks in water and sediment to simulate river polishing. It looks like this:

Image result for rock tumbler

I’ve finished the rocks that I got with this for Christmas a few years back, so I’ve moved on to some of the rocks in my collection. The ones in my collection are way smaller, though, and I’m afraid I’ll grind them into nothing. Here’s what that other batch came out like:


The grid is to get my friends to pick some.

Anyway, the rocks I put in almost a week ago were the size of C1 to start with, so hopefully they won’t be tiny pebbles when they’re finished.

Anyway, That’s all I got for now. I’m about to go on a short break, so hopefully there’ll be better posts.

Thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!


Storytime(?): Bad Habit

Aloha humans! Recently, I have acquired a laziness-based bad habit.

I keep turning in the rough drafts of papers as my final copy.

This semester I’m taking a composition class. One thing we do is a peer review of the typed rough draft of our paper. Yay, right?

For our first paper (a narrative essay on something we regret) I wrote my rough draft and the classmate that reviewed it wrote in pencil. Good for me, I soon found out. About a week later we were expected to turn in our final copy. Unfortunately, I had forgotten the due date and hadn’t written one.


I quickly dug out my rough draft and hoped I could pass it as a final. My internal monologue was constant: “please let him not have written on it, please let him not have written on it, please let him not have written on it!”

Written in pencil.


I quickly erased all the pencil and turned in my “finished” paper.

A few weeks pass.

My class is a pretty small one, so we’re always asking each other’s grades. Some asked “did anyone make above a 90.”

The guy who reviewed my paper chimed in, “I got a 94!”

“Lorie, what did you make”

“I dunno. Let me check”


“97?! I turned in my rough draft!”

It was hilarious. My classmates were simultaneously amused and a bit peeved.

Second paper rolls around. I was too ̶l̶a̶z̶y̶  busy to type a final copy. I, once again turned in a rough draft.


I need to stop. I’m pushing it.

Anyway, thanks for reading humans, love ya all! Byeeeeee!